What does a genuine American breakfast look like?

Amerikaans Ontbijt

What does a genuine American breakfast look like?

Americans enjoy a sweet breakfast in general. This has contributed to the popularity of breakfast cereals, as well as the little pancakes and waffles they serve in the morning. Are you curious to find out what a typical American breakfast looks like? This article will show you how to have breakfast like a true American!

Breakfast cereal, a favourite in the US
An American breakfast isn’t complete without breakfast cereals! General Mills and Kellogg’s are of course the two biggest and well-known manufacturers. American cereals often have a different flavour than ours. Namely, they are much sweeter. They also come in all shapes and sizes. An American breakfast could therefore consist of a bowl of ‘Cheerios‘ ‘Frosted Flakes’ or ‘Raisin Bran’. Other popular breakfast cereals that you should try sometime are ‘Lucky Charms‘ or a children’s favourite: ‘Froot Loops‘.

‘How would you like your eggs?’
This is a question you will certainly hear when ordering a delicious American breakfast. Americans are crazy about their eggs! A well-known egg-based breakfast dish is ‘Eggs Benedict’. This is a hearty dish with ham and poached eggs on an English muffin, brioche or toast, served with Hollandaise sauce.

Pancakes en Waffles
You probably won’t be surprised when we tell you that Americans go silly for pancakes and waffles. They are a hearty and remarkably sweet breakfast, enjoyed not only by children, but grown-ups too. Would you like to try your luck with making your own American breakfast? Then try out Bisquick or Aunt Jemima. With these mixes, you can make the most delicious pancakes and waffles in a jiff, so you can start your day off well!

When your deliciously sweet breakfast is served, it almost always comes with ‘maple syrup’. This is a dark kind of syrup, with some extra fruit to finish the dish. Are you looking for a more low-cost alternative? Then Aunt Jemima syrups are worth trying out! Not just the small pancakes, but also waffles are served for breakfast.

PopTarts, Kellogg’s best-selling product
PopTarts. are another staple of American breakfast. They are Kellogg’s best-selling product, with over 2 billion units sold annually. PopTarts are a rectangular, flat confectionery, consisting of a crunchy crust with a sweet filling. PopTarts are available in a large number of flavours, for instance Chocolate Chip, Blueberry Frosted and Cinnamon Roll.

The American sandwich
Americans enjoy their sandwiches a little differently from us, if only because of their choice of spread. Americans are crazy about Peanut Butter Jelly, a combination of peanut butter and jam. Once again, their sweet tooth prevails. Is this sweet surprise a bit too much for you at breakfast?

In this case you can always choose to make your toast with regular peanut butter! This has always been the spread of choice for both young and old Americans, for breakfast or throughout the day.

Muffins, doughnuts and bagels
The list of confectioneries continues. Aside from everything we have mentioned already, you might also enjoy muffins, doughnuts and bagels for breakfast in the US. These probably don’t need an introduction. Across the pond, muffins are available in all kinds of flavours, vanilla and chocolate being the most popular by far. Doughnuts are usually glazed with all sorts of delicious toppings, and often have a fruity filling. Bagels are generally served with cream cheese or other savoury spreads.

Last but not least: French toast!
Contrary to what the name might suggest, French toast is a popular American breakfast option. They are not like our toast, but mushy, sweet pieces of bread which can best be compared with our ‘wentelteefjes’.

This is a true classic with regard to an American breakfast.