The unique flavours of American soft drinks

American Soda

The unique flavours of American soft drinks

American and European lifestyles are becoming more similar every day. There is however one major difference, and that is that there is just so much more choice in the US. Do you feel like a soft drink? You can choose from an extensive selection of brands and flavours that are both well-known and lesser known (to us). There are also American soft drink flavours that don’t really make sense to us right away, but that turn out to be surprisingly good. So, when you are a little bored with the standard soft drink flavours we have in Europe, it is certainly worth it to try an American soft drink.

Big Red Soda
This special soft drink is a classic American variant of the so-called cream soda. A distinctive feature of this soft drink is the red colour of the can and the drink itself, which gives it its name. The company behind Big Red Soda has also created a special edition called Big Red Texas + BBQ. This is a bottle that has the beloved soft drink in one part, and real barbecue meat in the other. This way, you can enjoy not only your favourite drink, but also a delicous bite to eat, where ever you are! Chances are though, that is is an April fools joke (unfortunately).

Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew is one of the best-known American soft drinks. This a lime and lemon flavoured pop, produced by PepsiCo. In various American states, it is possible to purchase Mountain Dew without caffeine. This offers an interesting alternative to all the soft drinks that do contain this substance. In 2015, it became public that various kinds of Mountain Dew contained brominated vegetable oil, a prohibited emulsifier. However, contrary to popular belief, this is only found in Mountain Dew Voltage and Mountain Dew Red Code.

Root beer: not a beer, but a special soft drink
Root beer is a typical American soft drink. Though the name might suggest otherwise, it isn’t really a beer, even if it does look a little bit like it. In reality, it is a carbonated soft drink that is available in different variants. Key extracts that give root beer u its flavour are vanilla, liquorice, sassefras and nutmeg. The fact that root beer somewhat looks like real beer, ensures that it is very popular among young people. They can pretend to be drinking a real beer, when in fact it is of course a harmless pop. Would you like to experience the unique flavour of root beer? Then we can recommend A&W Root Beer een aanrader.Most Americans agree that this is the best root beer available.

American soft drinks with surprising flavours
Several well-known brands, that we can get over here as well, offer a larger selection of surprising flavours in America. A good example is the selection that Fanta offers. Fanta Apple, Fanta Berry, Fanta Grape, Fanta Pineapple and Fanta Strawberry are some of the flavours that you should definitely try sometime. One thing is certain, where European soft drink flavours might be considered a bit similar to each other, this is absolutely not the case for the flavours the American market has to offers!