Thanksgiving, a traditional American holiday

American Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, a traditional American holiday

The fourth Thursday of November is when Americans celebrate a day of giving thanks. Thanksgiving is said to have its origins in the seventeenth century, when the first colonists and Native Americans came together to enjoy a large feast at the end of the first harvest. Thanksgiving is usually celebrated with the extended family and people will travel long distances to be together on this day. Because Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday, employees are given the day off on Friday. This way, they can enjoy a family reunion for four days. The day after Thanksgiving is when Black Friday takes place. In the US, Black Friday rings in the start of Christmas shopping season, and many stores offer huge discounts on this day. That means that already early in the morning, stores and malls will have large crowds waiting in front of them to get in and do their shopping.

Thanksgiving, a family affair
Thanksgiving was created to give thanks for the harvest and other good things that had happened that past year. Thanksgiving is not only celebrated in the US, Canada celebrates it as well. They have their Thanksgiving on the second Monday of October. Thanksgiving is a family-oriented celebration. Family members make every effort to be together and have a good time. Stories are told, food is enjoyed and people often sing songs and play games. At Thanksgiving, being together with family is what’s most important.

A traditional Thanksgiving meal
Thanksgiving is an American holiday that revolves around traditions. This applies in particular to the food that is served. Traditionally one eats turkey on Thanksgiving, and you won’t be able to convince many Americans otherwise. The turkey is ordered weeks in advance, and is prepared in the oven on the day of Thanksgiving, in the house where the holiday celebrated. Preparing the turkey usually takes almost an entire day. Slowly but surely comes the highlight of the day: the slicing of the turkey!

The turkey is prepared with traditional ingredients. A very popular side dish is Stove Top stuffing. It is very easy to make and can be served with chicken and turkey, or sausages. To give you an idea of just how popular Stove Top is during Thanksgiving: in 2005, over 60 million boxes were sold in the US! After the turkey dinner, there is one more traditional meal: the dessert. Many Americans choose to serve a classic Pumpkin Pie. With the help of canned Libbys Pumkin Pie, the pumpkin pie is made that marks the end of a delicious and pleasant family dinner.

Black Friday Shopping
When the bellies were stuffed as much as the turkey was during Thanksgiving dinner, it’s often not easy to get up early the next morning. And yet this is exactly what you have to do, if you want to make use of the amazing Black Friday deals. Many stores open their doors extra early, and the best deals will be sold out around the afternoon. You should also keep in mind that most people don’t work on this Friday, making the stores extra crowded. Doing your shopping on Black Friday means amazing discounts on your Christmas gifts, but you have to be willing to face the craziness!