Canada Dry Ginger Ale Diet

Canada Dry Ginger Ale Diet

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Canada Dry Ginger Ale Diet(355ml)

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Canada Dry Ginger Ale Diet

Canada Dry
Canada Dry is a brand of ginger ale, currently owned by the American company Dr Pepper Snapple Group. The origins of this brand are found outside of the US, in Toronto, Canada (as one might expect from the name). However, nowadays it is a very common brand in America as well, offering many delicious and surprising soft drinks.

The history of Canada Dry
In 1890, Canadian pharmacist and chemist John J. McLaughlin returned to Ontario from working in a soda factory in New York, to open his own carbonated water factory in Toronto. Some 14 years later, in 1904, when he saw that more syrupy ginger ales were becoming popular, he decided to develop a lighter version. This this was the start of a successful future for the popular Canada Dry Ginger Ale we know today. After just three years of being introduced, the beverage was appointed to the 'Royal Household of the Governor General of Canada'. This was when the original label of the soft drink was replaced with the current crown and shield.

In 1919, it was decided to introduce the brand Canada Dry abroad. The beverage began to be shipped to the US, where it became so popular that a new plant was opened over there. When McLaughlin passed away, the company was briefly run by Sam. P.D. Saylor and Associates. Most recently, the rights to the brand were purchased by the Dr Pepper Snapple Group, in 2008.

A large choice of soft drinks
Over the years, the brand Canada Dry has marketed various kinds of soft drinks. Aside from the original Canada Dry Ginger Ale and the diet version (the Canada Dry Ginger Ale Diet), plenty of other soft drinks have been introduced that have convinced the general public. For instance, the Canada Dry Club Soda and the Canada Dry Sparkling Seltzer Water. The Canada Dry Bitter Lemon is another pop that is enjoyed by Americans and Canadians.

Products exclusively for the North American market
Aside from the versions of Canada Dry mentioned above, there are also a couple that are only available in North America and not in the rest of the world. These are the Ginger Ale Cranberry (originally developed for Christmas season in Canada, but now also available in the US) and the Blackberry Ginger Ale. These two delicious Canada Dry beverages are definitely worth discovering.


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