PAM Cooking Spray, the low-fat option for cooking

PAM Original Cooking Spray

PAM Cooking Spray, the low-fat option for cooking

When preparing our food, we invariably use fats in the process. These fats are used to prevent the meat from burning, and to give it that nice brown colour. Most people use a variation of oil or butter for this. At first glance, these fats might seem harmless. However, they do make our food more rich in calories.

The PAM Cooking Spray is a healthier alternative, which can even help you lose weight.

What are cooking sprays made of?
Using a cooking spray can significantly limit the amount of calories in your diet. But what does a cooking spray consist of? Most often, canola oil is used to make cooking sprays. This oil is diluted with water, after which the two are mixed to form an emulsion.

Aside from these ingredients, the majority of cooking sprays also contain additional propellants such as alcohol, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide or propane. Don’t be surprised when you see manufacturers of cooking sprays advertise with ‘0 percent calories’ when you’re on holiday in the US. This is possible, because various sprays do actually contain less than 0.5 calories.

A healthy alternative to butter and oil
When you choose to prepare your meat and other meals with butter or oil, there is a certain amount of calories you will inevitably take in. For those who would like to eat healthy, with the least amount of (hidden) fats, using PAM Cooking Spray can be recommended. This way, you can reduce the use of butter and oil considerably, without affecting the flavour or the quality of the food. Now that’s two birds with one stone!

Losing weight by using a cooking spray
Because cooking sprays hardly contain any calories, they can help you diet. Many people battling the extra pounds are looking for fast and efficient ways to lose weight, but forget about the advantages of for instance PAM Cooking Spray. Though it might be a small contribution, every little bit can help you achieving your target weight.

Versatile to use
It goes without saying that you can use PAM Cooking Spray for more than just greasing the pan when cooking your meat. Loads of people enjoy making oven dishes, which need to be greased beforehand so the food doesn’t stick. This is when a cooking spray comes in handy.

Sometimes, cooking utensils need to be greased to prevent them from burning while cooking. As you might have guessed, a cooking spray might prove to be a trusty companion for this as well. In conclusion: are you looking for a simple, efficient and healthy alternative to traditional fats such as oil and butter when cooking? Then using PAM Cooking Spray is for you!