American sweets, just a little different!

American Candy

American sweets, just a little different!

For those with a sweet tooth, the US is the promised land. There are a certain amount of factors that will definitely stand out. American Candy have a wide variety of surprising and unique textures and flavours. Are you curious about American sweets and would like to order some, but not sure which to choose? You can learn more about the most delicious American sweets here!

Meet Jelly Belly sweets
Some of the most popular sweets in the US are from the brand Jelly Belly. These are sweets shaped like a kidney bean. Aside from some recognisable flavours, they also come in some flavours that we might consider a little less obvious in Europe. Some special ones that you definitely should try once are, for instance, Jelly Belly Jalapeño and Jelly Belly Piña Colada. Have you ever been curious about popcorn flavoured sweets? Look no further than the Jelly Belly selection!

The extraordinary selection of Wonka sweets
Wonka sweets are available in a wonderful variety of options. You may choose to treat yourself with a Wonka Bottle Caps Theater Box or perhaps with Wonka ‘Ropes’. Ropes come in different flavours, such as banana, strawberry, sour apple and wild blue raspberry. These sweet and sour sweets will no doubt appeal to a lot of people.

Sour Patch Kids, a mouth-tingling treat
As soon as Sour Patch Kids became available, it was clear that these American sweets were a hit. In 1995, they made their appearance in many a movie theatre in Columbia, Maryland. These sweets have a soft texture and a sour surface, a combination that enchants both young and old. Are you looking for American sweets that will wow you? Then you should definitely try the Sour Patch Kids!

The surprising flavours of Twizzlers
When Twizzlers were first marketed, they were liquorice flavoured. This was the beginning of a trend. In order to appeal to a larger crowd however, some additional flavours were launched soon after: strawberry, grape, chocolate, cherry and watermelon.

They also come in limited editions every now and then, like the Limited Edition Cherry Cola. Twizzlers get their name from having a completely twisted surface, providing them with a unique texture and flavour experience. Twizzlers are a classic sweet in the US that you certainly should try sometime!

Life Savers, is pepermunt ook snoep?
Many of us enjoy the freshness of a peppermint. One could argue that peppermints aren’t really sweets, but the fact remains that they are delicious. A popular mint in the US is Life Savers. Aside from regular peppermints though, the brand also offers hard sweets with a wonderful range of fruity flavours. Are you not a big fan of hard sweets, and do you prefer soft gummies? Try the Life Savers 5 Flavor Gummies!

Air Heads
Above mentioned American sweets show an entire new world of confectionary. However, there is more. Before finishing off this blog article there is however one more type of American confectionary we would like to introduce you to. A list of classic American sweets would not be complete without mentioning Air Heads.These typically American sweets are available in no less than 24 different flavours.

There are some flavours you might expect, and some that might surprise you. For instance there is Pink Lemonade, Grape and White Mystery. In 2017, some new flavours will be introduced, such as Lemonade and Citrus Cooler. Air Heads are available in regular size and mini, making them the perfect treat to bring along!